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Mr.President Miroslav Lajcak,excellencies,


Thank you for granting me the honour to 铃原爱address you this morning in my role as goodwill ambassador for the UN Development Programme. Thank you, Secretary-General, for sharing your inspiring vision.


Over the pass a couple of years, as UNDP ambassador, I have met many man, woman and children who have been forced from their homes, who are struggling to make ends meet, who have been left behind. In many case, their suffering was caused by violence, conflict or crisis. As the Secretary-General pointed out, more countries have experienced conflict over the last few years, then at any time in the past three decades.


What's more?These conflicts are becoming more drawn-out, complex and deadlier, as civilians are no longer casualties, but have become targets. An estimated 65.6 million people are now forcibly displaced from their homes primarily due to violence and conflict.


The number of refugees nearly doubled over the past decade, adding to the tragedy and heartbreak is the face that more than half of the world's refugees are children, many of whom, who have been separated from their families.


If the current trend continues, by 2030, the year in which we hope to achieve the 17 sustainable development goals more than half of the world's poor will be living in countries affected by high levels of violence. Violence confl孙孟波ict affects men and women in v公务员考试,杨紫琼联合国英文演说,全程脱稿,自傲典雅,车标志大全ery different ways.


Too often, women and girls fall prey to sexual and gender-based violence, they become victims of human trafficking, sexual slavery and forced marriage. For children and youth, the devastating long-term effects of suffering through violence and conflict can lead to psychological tr潘娇阳auma, and can have negative impacts on cognitive and social development.


It can also put them at risk of perpetrating violence, or becoming victims of violence in later life. The human cost of war and violence is tragic, devastating and simply too high, but g7568the financial costs born by the affected countries, regions, and the international communities are also enormous wide-reaching, and have long-term consequences.



Much of the efforts and resources of the international community amounting to hundreds of billions of dollars have been dedicated to responding to crisis, once they have already broken out. What we should be doing instead is preventing conflict in the first place. It could save countless lives and billions of dollars.


The UN Charter establishes the preve体罚故事ntion of violence conflict, as the overriding objective of the United Nations with the aim to save succeeding generations from the scourge of war. Conflict prevention is our mandate, and we need to be able to fulfill it. Rebalancing the UN's focus from reaction to prevention is at the heart of the sustaining peace agenda.


I thank the Secretary-General for declaring prevention, the priority of the UN. This includes not just the prevention of violence conflict, for which the concept of sustaining peace is critical, but the prevention of crisis and human suffering, including through actions, such as combating climate change and ensuring disaster preparedness.


And we must not forget empowerment of women, the resolution on sustaining peace place great emphasis on conflict prevention, they also underline the importance of inclusion, and the essential role women play in the process, inclusivity means staying true to the 2030 agenda pledged to leave no one behind. Inclusive and sustained peace building means the full participation of women in society, without which, neither peace nor prosperity can be assured over the long term.


Women's empowerment transforms our communities, and makes peace more sustainable. Evidence shows that peace building interventions are more effective, if they are directly tied to promoting gender.


What's more?Women should be active agents in peace negotiations and peace building, not merely beneficiaries of services who need protection. The inclusion of women and women's group in conflict resolution and peace building processes, measurably strengthens protection efforts deepens the effectiveness of peace building, and helps to ensure the sustainability of of peace accords.


The UN agency I work most closely with UNDP, knows from experience that this is the most effective approach, supporting the capacity of countries to prevent violent conflict, and sustained peace, and include women in the process, is a major part of UNDP's work.


For example in Malawi, UNDP and the UN Department of political affairs supported the government in establishing a national peace architecture, that enables women and youth to act as national conflict mediators.


Gender equality contributes to durable peace and sustainable development. Systematic disparities between women and men in the economic social and pol公务员考试,杨紫琼联合国英文演说,全程脱稿,自傲典雅,车标志大全itical sectors stand in the way of sustainable development and durable peace. Women need to be engaged in all spheres of social life, and their priorities must inform the agenda for sustainable development.


Conflict prevention, early recovery from crisis, lasting peace and resilience, to make this a reality, necessary funds and resources need to be allocated to advance gender equality, and women's empowerment, especially in peace-building context.


Promoting both the empowerment of women and mai越轨阅历ntenance of peace and inclusive societies are key ele公务员考试,杨紫琼联合国英文演说,全程脱稿,自傲典雅,车标志大全ments of the 2030 agenda for sustainable development. UNDP and other UN agencies have made women's empowerment and sustainable development the center piece of their efforts to help, support and pr杨伟中死了omote peaceful justice and inclusive societ余火灵ies.


UN agencies have been undertaking such prevention focused initiatives in many parts of the world. For instance, thanks to a few presence in nearly 170 countries and the breadth of his technical expertise, UNDP is able to provide tailored and integrated support to N柳礼源ations and their leadership the rule of law, access to justice, Human Rights, elections, constitutional processes. Local governance, sustainable livelihoods and climate adaptation.


The fundamental premise of the recently released UN World Bank pathways for peace report is that we simply cannot achieve the 17 sustainable devel日本护理opment goals without addressing and preventing conflict. In fact, the sustainable development goals p公务员考试,杨紫琼联合国英文演说,全程脱稿,自傲典雅,车标志大全rovide a blueprint to help to eliminate the root causes of violence and unrest. Building and sustaining peace sits at the very core of the United Nations being.


If we are to save succeeding generations from the scourge of war, sustainable development is imperative. But development i庆丰军s neither achievable nor sustainable in the absence of peace. It is critical that we work in co江清洛ncert tours attaining both sustainable peace and sustainable development.


As we know, UN member states carry the key responsibility to achieve and sustain peace. Realizing lasting peace is a long-term endeavor that involves building resilient institutions, sec陈志乃uring economic transformation and addressing inequalities and grievances that can lead to conflict.


We must recognize that this process can take years and even decades, and we need t试开城际轻轨o 韩以猛give the UN system the time, space and resources to pursue such long-term strategies that yield lasting results.


Let's focus this high-level meeting, on how we can work together to strengthen the UN's abilities to deliver on its mandate, to eradicate the root causes of conflict, prevent the escalation of violence, bring about lasting peace, and leave no one behind. Thank you!